Bremen is another old city one can easily reach by train from Hamburg. It is a large modern port with the population of over half a million. Amazingly, the old town seems intact. Tourists flock to Bremen to see the Musicians of Bremen, to touch the sculptures for luck, to take pictures for good memories. Actually, sculptures, statues and monuments are the first thing one notices in Bremen. Individual sculptures and groups of people, animals, fountains adorn every street, every square and every corner. The old cathedral dominates the square, and the dark buildings all around it take one back to the Middle Ages. Many old winding streets have lovely houses with multiple ornaments and gabled roofs. In the center of the old town, a huge statue of Roland stands all alone. Yet it takes only a few steps to find other monuments and decorations. The old and the new are harmoniously blended together, with an old red-brick house here, a Coliseum-like modern structure there. Locals and tourists briskly walk along the cobbled streets, in spite of the rain or cloudy skies. There is plenty to do and to see in this wonderful place! One can do some serious shopping, or browse around in the many souvenir shops; a cup of hot chocolate and a sweet pastry will warm one up and charge one with new energy. It is possible to run around Altstadt, the Old Town, in a couple of hours, enjoying the sites and snapping pictures. Alternately, one can spend the whole day there, going from the old to the new town, visiting museums, relaxing in a café or restaurant.

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2 Responses to BREMEN, GERMANY

  1. Irina says:

    the town everyone remembers thanks to the musicians one hears about in that famous childhood story 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Totally agree! And I liked that you see the theme of that popping up everywhere.

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