A Practical Traveller

When I travel to a new place, I usually read all I can about it beforehand. How to get where, which transport to use, what language to speak. Leiden is a pretty university town in Holland. One can get there easily from Schiphol airport by train in under 20 minutes. Unless, of course, you happen to fly in on a Saturday, and the ticket office tells you that there is some construction going on, so there are no direct trains, so you have to change trains somewhere. While it is known that everybody in the country speaks English, it is not always true about the announcements in a suburban train. You do arrive to Leiden Centraal, eventually. You know that you need a certain bus. What do you see when you get out of the station? A crowd of people fixedly watching… something… up above. It turns out that there are electronic boards telling you which bus comes to which platform when. But your bus number does not appear there, so you have to watch out for it and catch it somehow. Lesson # 1: do not try to ask the driver how to get to your destination. Show them the name printed on a piece of paper. Why? Because our hotel name, Van Der Valk, is pronounced Fon Der Folk (or that’s how we heard it). Don’t worry, you will get to your destination eventually, because the Dutch are very friendly and ready to help.

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One Response to A Practical Traveller

  1. Stephanie says:

    Ah, travel! There is always something to hear and something to observe, which in turn produces such entertaining pieces!

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